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This tutorial demonstrates how to develop a simple Java Swing (or user interface) application and test the UI related logic using automated tests, such as JUnit (Homepage), using a series of videos compiled as a playlist (Youtube). The application is kept very simple while making use of various technologies, such as EasyMock (Homepage). This tutorial is targeted to college or university students who studied Java but lack experience and would like to do something productive. The main idea of this tutorial is not to learn Java, but to help the viewers to build testable Swing applications. The playlist presented by this tutorial shows how to build a Java Swing application that can be easily tested using automated tests in a step-by-step fashion.

Albert Attard
Author: 4 years ago

Java provides a neat way to carry out long lasting jobs without have to worry about the complexity of threads or lack of responsiveness in an application (by application we mean Swing applications). It is called SwingWorker (Java Doc). It is not the latest thing on Earth (released with Java 1.6) and you may have already read about it. In this article we will see how to use it and why it was created to start with.

Albert Attard
Author: 5 years ago