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Databases are an important part of most applications irrespective of their size and nature. Data needs to be persisted and this is usually done through a database. OSGi (Home Page) is an emerging platform providing high degree of modularity and also supports the hot deployment and replacement of modules. This article describes how to use Flyway (Home Page), a database migration library, with Eclipse Virgo (Home Page) OSGi implementation (previously known as Spring Dynamic Modules (Reference Guide)).

Albert Attard
Author: 3 years ago

This tutorial demonstrates how to develop a Java application that connects with a database and provides a user interface and is targeted to students who studied Java, but lack experience. This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Java and it describes everything in great detail. The main idea of this tutorial is not learn Java, but to help the viewers to gain experience in developing Java applications. During the tutorial we explore various technologies, such as Maven (Homepage). These technologies are quite popular amongst developers communities and are considered as good traits when applying for jobs.

Albert Attard
Author: 4 years ago