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The Singleton (Wiki) pattern is quite an old and well known pattern. This pattern was discussed over and over again in many books and articles on the web. So why are we discussing it again here? This article is not about the Singleton pattern per se, but more about the Java Memory Model (Paper) and the concurrent access of shared objects.

Albert Attard
Author: 3 years ago

Programs work well when dealing with a considerable size of data, but their performance tend to degradate when dealing with large volumes of data. Resources are cheaper than ever, but this does not mean that we can have inefficient programs. Dealing with large amounts of data brings several challenges, even if the task is simple parsing some Java objects into JSON strings, as we will see in this article. Inefficient use of memory can make a program wasting more than 5 times the memory when compared with a more efficient one. This means that one program makes use of 1G of memory, while the inefficient one requires 5G of memory to perform the same task.

Albert Attard
Author: 4 years ago

A question that some developers ask is, with many List (Java Doc) implementations, which one should one uses? The correct answer to this question is, it depends. In this article we compared various lists implementations and measured their performance when executing some common actions. Some implementations performed poorly when compared to the others are highlighted in the first two tests. This does not mean that those that did not do well should never be used. On the contrary, all implementations have their place and here we only considered single threading environment. Before using any given list, stop and think how this list is going to be used and run some tests like the ones we saw here before jumping into any hasty conclusions.

Albert Attard
Author: 5 years ago