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There can be cases where we need to save large text data into a database tables. This data can take lots of space and may introduce new challenges which needs to be addressed. Backups for example may take longer and if uncompressed, these will take more space. In this article we explore several possibilities available when dealing with large data and compare the results obtained.

Albert Attard
Author: 2 years ago

Cryptographic Hash algorithms (Wiki), such as SHA-1 (Wiki), are known for digesting inputs of any size into a fixed length, nondeterministic, output. Irrespective of the input size, the output is always of a fixed length, 160 bits (or 20 bytes) in case of SHA-1. Different hash algorithms produce different lengths. When processing large inputs, such as large files, it is convenient to work with streams, rather than loading all input to memory first.

Albert Attard
Author: 3 years ago